Trade Registrations 2020

Registrations are now open for our 2020 Southland A&P Show, please read through the information below and click the ‘register now’ button at the bottom of the page to be redirected to the online registration platform.

You will find any extras listed (tickets, power, advertising) once you proceed after selecting your site size. If you require a larger size than listed then simple purchase 2x or 3x the sites to make up the size you are wanting. For extra large sizes please contact us directly.

2x tickets are included with each site fee paid. Additional tickets are able to be purchased at a discounted cost of $7.00 each with your site fee registration.

Advertising OpportunitiesYou will see these listed as ‘Extras’ on the registration platform.

  • Placard/Flanner around Agrisports Arena                               $10
  • Placard/Flanner around Woodchoppers Arena                      $10

Placard/Flanners (Up to .8m x 3m, must be delivered to Donovan Park prior to 5th March 5pm – please advise of time to ensure someone is on site to receive your marketing)

  • Monopoly Game Flyer- 1x square $86.25

One Square on the Show Day Monopoly Game (punters must visit your site to get your stamp/signature/question answer on your square, once all squares are complete, they can enter their Monopoly Gamecard in a prize draw, winner announced following the Grand Parade) There will be one of these game boards handed out to every person as they enter through the gates- over 5000 people.

If you have trouble registering via our online platform (or bank with SBS Bank) then please contact us via email at and we will email you a paper based copy.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions – or head straight to our website into the Trade area and follow the link to register.

David Sinclair- 0278013172
(Trade Marshall)

Victoria Sinclair- 0274369308
(Show Planning Team)