Cattle Section Judging Guidelines

Exhibitors should enter their animals in the respective classes for their breed. The judge for each breed will travel around to the exhibitors’ farms in order to judge the stock presented. Please note if you are exhibiting more than one breed you may be given two different judging times, one for each breed. A committee member will accompany each judge and may take photographs and/or video of the exhibits for display at the show.

Each breed judge, as well as awarding placings per class, will decide upon Senior and Junior Champions for his/her breed.

Cattle entered should be presented for the judge either haltered or unhaltered, but should be on concrete or very short grass and in a confined area which is easily accessible. Washing and clipping are optional.

Procedure for All Breeds Champions

At the conclusion of the breed judging, one judge shall be selected by the committee to revisit each breed’s Senior and Junior Champion in order to award All Breeds Senior and Junior Champion. Only the selected Breed Champions are eligible for consideration for All Breeds Champion. No other All Breeds Dairy Classes will be judged this year.

General Show Terms and Conditions:

All entries to be submitted on the official entry forms, which may be obtained from the Secretary. These forms are to be filled in and signed by the exhibitor or by some person authorised on his or her behalf and must be deposited with the Secretary on or before the date set down in the schedule. In general, no entries will be received after this date and if any are received they may incur a 50% penalty. No entry will be considered valid unless these conditions are complied with and are accompanied with full payment and made subject to all the rules and regulations of this Association. 2. All entries must be made in the name of the bona fide owner. On no account will any entry be refunded unless a veterinary certificate is produced. Entries made by either telephone, facsimile, on-line or by e-mail must be immediately confirmed in writing accompanied by the entry fee. 3. Arrears -No person who is in arrears with regard to entry fees, subscriptions, or any other Show/Event charge is eligible to compete at any affiliated Show/Event. Proof of payment will be required before any restriction is lifted 4. The Executive reserves the right to refuse or cancel any entry without advising any reason for doing so. 5. Every exhibitor shall be deemed to have guaranteed the correctness of the contents of every certificate of entry submitted by him or on his behalf. As exhibits are accepted upon the faith of the correctness of the relative certificate of entry they shall be subject to such fine or penalty as the Executive may determine in respect of any mis-statement or mis-description contained in a certificate of entry lodged by or on behalf of such exhibitor. A mis-statement or mis-description shall be deemed to have been contained in a certificate or entry if the exhibit on the day of the exhibition does not conform in all respects with the certificate of entry. 6. Animals entered in Group or Special Classes must be entered in other classes if and for which they are eligible, otherwise animals cannot compete in other classes than those they are entered in unless the contrary is specified. 7. When an animal has been duly entered and catalogued in any class but cannot be shown it may be replaced, at the discretion of the Section Marshall, providing the replacement is the property of the exhibitor concerned at the time entries close and a vet certificate is produced. 8. In all classes (except in Cattle progeny) and in classes in which two or more animals are entered as one exhibit, the animals shall be the bona fide property of the exhibitor. In case such exhibitor is a business or commercial partnership the animal or animals shall belong to the members of the business or commercial partnership jointly and not severally. Registered leases of animals are permitted to enter such animals in their name if so desired. 9. An exhibitor holding under lease a purebred animal or animals registered in a Stud Herd and Stock book of a registered Breed Society, shall if the lease be duly registered with such Society in registrar form be deemed the owner of such animal or animals for the time being for Show purposes but may be called upon to produce proof of registration of such lease. 10. In all classes for stud horses, purebred cattle and pigs, the name of the animal, date of birth, sire, dam and breeder shall be given on the entry form. The breeder for the purposes of shows shall be the owner of the dam of the subject animal at birth. In sheep the date of shearing and name of the breeder shall be given. If no breeders name is given it is assumed that the exhibitor is the breeder. 11. Pedigree of animals in stud stock classes must be deposited with the Secretary when called upon. 12. Extra stock will not be eligible for any of the enumerated classes for stock. 13. Prior arrangements must be made for exhibition stock and they will be subjected to a double entry fee of entries in their respective sections payable by closing date. 14. Owners or handlers in charge of exhibits will be admitted free but they must be suitably and tidily attired during judging and will be subject to the orders of the Stewards, disobedience of whose orders will entail expulsion from the grounds. 15. Any case of misconduct or practices offensive to the public or any form of ill treatment to livestock will be reported to the Marshal of the section who will take the necessary action. 16. All stock must be penned at the time specified in the programme, or the animals will not be judged. 17. Whilst in the ring for judging no animal or its attendant shall have any initial crest or mark of ownership on its rug harness, pail halters, show coats or hats or other clothing or on any other fitting. Prize cards which have been awarded by the judges must only be displayed after final judging in such classes as the exhibit may be entered for and then remain affixed to exhibit during the Show and no ribbon prize colours or tickets will be permitted on any exhibit unless awarded during the Show. Any infraction of this rule may incur disqualification and bar any further competition in that section of the Show.

Any exhibitor, who interferes with or abuses a judge or officer of the Association while acting in his official capacity as such, will be dealt with as may be deemed fitting by the Executive. Stewards are instructed to report such occurrences promptly. 19. Every protest or objection must be made in writing within one hour of judging of the class in question signed by the persons making such complaint and delivered to the Secretary. The objector shall at the time of making such objection lodge the sum of $50 which shall be forfeited to the Association should the objection be considered frivolous or vexatious. 20. Notwithstanding anything contained in the above rule the Executive may cause an investigation to be made or demand an explanation concerning any matter which in their opinion is considered necessary and may so enforce penalties, fines and forfeitures as is deemed expedient. 21. Protests and complaints against any exhibit must be made in writing. If lodged before judging is commenced the onus of proof will rest upon the person protesting. The Executive shall have power to refuse to entertain any protest or complaint lodged later than the last day of the show. 22. All protests, objections and other matters in dispute of whatever nature by or between any persons whatever shall be determined by the Judicial Committee whose decision shall be absolutely final and binding on all parties, whether such disputes be between any person or persons and the Association or not and shall not be questioned by any Court. The said Judicial Committee shall consist of the Association Vice-President and two Past Presidents plus the Marshal of the section or alternatively the Senior Steward should the Marshal be personally involved in any dispute. 23. The Marshals of the Section shall have at their discretion, power to decide any dispute in their respective divisions with the exception of regular protests and appeals after consultation with the Senior Stewards of the section involved. 24. If a prizewinner is afterwards disqualified the Committee may on the advice of the judge decide whether the next animal on the list gains the prize. 25. Drugs, artificial stimulants and tranquilizers are prohibited and the use of these will mean disqualification. If a vet is called and a test proves positive the exhibitor is responsible for all expenses. 26. No animal or any herd with regard to which there may be suspicion of disease will be knowingly received at the grounds and owners will, if necessary, be required to make a declaration as to whether their herd has been diseased within six months to the date of the Show. 27. Each exhibitor shall be deemed to have guaranteed to the Association and have given assurance that each exhibit entered by him or her and brought upon the Showground’s is at the time free from any contagious or infectious disease. Any exhibitor whose exhibit or animal infringes this assurance shall be responsible to the Association and to any other exhibitor who may suffer by reason of such breach. Should there be any reason to suspect that any exhibit or animal is either diseased or dangerous the Association shall have the right to refuse admission of such exhibit to the Showground’s or remove the exhibit from the Showground’s at the expense of the exhibitor. 28. The Association shall not be responsible for any loss or damage caused (inter alia) through disease or infection howsoever arising. 29. The Association will not be responsible for any accident, loss or damage that may be caused to or suffered by any exhibit or which may be caused directly or indirectly by any other exhibit notwithstanding any alleged negligence on the part of any officer or servant of the Association. It shall be a condition of entry that each exhibitor shall hold the Association indemnified against any claim in respect of such accident, loss or damage caused by any exhibit or such exhibitors. 30. It is the Association’s policy to see that all due care is taken to protect property and to protect and to keep efficient order its own property and to make provision for protection of the property of others but the Association shall not be liable to any person in the case of loss or damage by reason of any defect accident negligence or neglect however arising. 31. Horse floats and stock transport vehicles are accepted for parking on condition that the Association accepts no responsibility for any loss, theft, injury or damage to persons or vehicles, their contents, fittings or accessories even when such loss, theft, injury or damage is attributed to any negligence on the part of the Association or any of its employees or stewards. 32. The Association reserves the right to remove any vehicles parked in prohibited areas or obstructing the running of the show. 33. Persons occupying grandstands or other seating accommodation on the Showground’s do so at their own risk and no claim shall be made against the Association in respect of any loss or injury by reason of any defect or accident or by reason of any act of omission whether negligent or otherwise on the part of the Association or of any employee or agent of the Association or on the part of any other person. 34. The Association shall not be responsible or liable in case of any error mis-statement or mis-description appearing in any prize schedule or show catalogue or in any form or certificate of entry or in any advertisement or notification whether posted, displayed or published. It will however be the duty of the Association or the Secretary and other members
of its office to take all proper care to avoid any error mis-description or mis-statement. Names of Judges and Stewards (if any) shown in the prize schedule or in the show catalogue are intended to be informative only and are subject to such changes from time to time as the Association may at its discretion make and no exception shall be taken by any judge or exhibitor by reasons of any change. 35. In allotting applications for space the Association reserves the right to refuse any applications should they deem such undesirable and to cancel any space allocated if any exhibitor does not comply with the Associations rules or if any exhibit does not prove to be of the nature represented when application was made. The right is also reserved to change the position of any stands or space allotted. 36. Any grand parade of horses and cattle (sheep and pigs optional) will be held in the Show ring. All prize-winning animals must take part and all attendants and riders must be suitably and tidily attired. Exhibitors failing to comply with this rule or causing delay shall be liable to a fine of $5 and prize money forfeited at the discretion of the Committee. 37. No exhibit shall be removed from the Showground’s before 4 p.m. on the day of the Show without the approval of the Senior Marshal and if this rule is contravened any prize taker shall be liable to have all his unpaid prize money forfeited at the discretion of the Association whose decisions shall be final. 38. The Association reserves the right to make an alteration in the Show timetable or to postpone the show or withdraw any event as may be deemed desirable. In the event of a stall or loosebox not being used by an exhibitor for the purpose for which it was allotted to him the Directors reserve the right to resume possession of such stall or loosebox. 39. All first prize animals eligible will be paraded and the Champion will be selected. Immediately when the Champion has been selected the second prize animal in the class from which the Champion has been selected must be paraded with the remaining first prize animals for the reserve award. 40. On payment of the annual subscription for the current year a membership ticket will be given bearing the members name which will admit him on presentation to all the Association exhibitions during the year. All Honorary Life Members and their wives are to have the same privileges as Elected Directors to all of the Associations exhibitions. 41. Where classes are sponsored with naming rights and sponsorships total more than the normal A&P prize money then the sponsorship money will be paid out. 42. The section Marshals have the right to combine classes if insufficient numbers warrant that action. 43. Refunds will be paid out providing the necessary documentation is available less 20% to a maximum of $10 per exhibitor. 44. UNRULY ANIMALS The Association through the Section Marshals reserve the right to order the immediate removal from the showground’s of any animal it considers unruly or unmanageable. 45. PRIVACY ACT. The Association holds records of names and addresses of all members and exhibitors and will publish these as necessary for media show reports unless otherwise advised. 46. Certificates of Appreciation may be awarded to individuals after a period of at least 15 years of service to the Association. Nominations will be taken at an Executive Meeting and put on the Agenda for the following Executive Meeting. Voting shall be by Executive Members only and shall be by secret ballot by those present at that meeting. A majority in favour is required. Post-humus nominations will not be accepted. However if a nomination is successful and the candidate becomes deceased before the certificate is presented then the said certificate will be presented to his/her family by arrangement. Certificates will be presented at the appropriate Annual Meeting or by special arrangement. 47. VALUE OF POINTS, with the exception of milk classes in the Dairy Section, the points for prize count as follows- Where there are five entries or more the first prize counts six points, second prize four points, third prize two points, highly commended one point. Where there is less than five entries the first prize – six points, second prize – four points, third prize – two points, highly commended – nil. 48. Points for milk classes in the Dairy Section shall be as follows, first prize – ten points, second prize – eight point’s, third prize – six points, fourth prize – four points, Champion – two points, Reserve Champion – one point extra. In the event of no competition only half points will be awarded. Competition means two or more exhibitors whose exhibits are judged competing for the prize or prizes in the particular class for which prizes are awarded. Ties count as one win each. For points prizes no additional points will be awarded for Supreme or Grand Champions. In the event of two exhibitors or more gaining equal points the exhibitor gaining most first prizes will be declared the winner. If points still equal, the exhibitor being awarded most championships will be declared the winner. 49. SHOWMEN Any showman operating on the grounds of the Association or on premises rented by the Association, must have a current showman’s license issued by the appropriate authority and produce such license on demand to any officer of the Association. Failure to comply with this by law will mean expulsion from the grounds or premises 50. The President or any two members of the Executive may have ejected from the grounds without
compensation or return of fees, any person whose conduct either personal or as the proprietor of a side-show as a source of annoyance. 51. COMPETITORS INSURANCE The Association has extended its Public Risk policy to cover the legal liability of the show ring Exhibitors and competitors of up to $1,000,000 for any one accident happening on the showground. This cover will not protect any exhibitor or competitor that is already covered under a policy arranged privately but all protected exhibitors and competitors will be bound by the conditions of the cover. The extended cover protects exhibitors and competitors against claims for which they may be held personally liable in their capacity as exhibitors and/or competitors. 52. Registration as a competitor and/or attendance at or participation in the Southland A&P Show constitutes an agreement by the person to the Southland A&P Association’s for the use and distribution (both now and in the future) of the persons image or voice in photographs, videotapes, electronic reproductions, or audiotapes of such Southland A&P Association activities. 53. Yellow Card -This Show/Event supports the RAS ‘Yellow Card’ system. A Yellow Card will be issued, In cases of offences in respect of abuse of animals or inappropriate behaviour as per the RAS Constitution and the RAS Rules & Regulations/Bylaws including the Equestrian Rulebook, the RAS affiliated Show/Event/registered Measuring Stand and their grounds and their duly appointed delegates may deliver to the Person Responsible a Yellow Warning Card (either immediately or within 10 days of the show) which suspends any penalty until possible new offences.Full wording of the ‘Yellow Card’ system is available to view on the RAS website – 54. Summary of RAS Resolution Process –the full process can be found on the RAS website The principle behind the process is to deal with the matter as it comes to hand and in most cases it should be dealt with directly by the show. If the matter is in regards to an RAS official, the show may request the assistance of RAS Head Office as to how to deal with this in an appropriate manner