Equestrian Measuring

We have our dates finalised and they are: 
Sunday 18th August 1-4pm
Sunday 8th September 1-4pm
Sunday 29th September 1-4pm
Monday 28th October 2-5pm
Sunday 10th November 2-5pm
Wednesday 20th November 5-7pm (evening)
Sunday 5th January 1-4pm

To book an appointment then please head to http://southlandapassociation.gettimely.com 
Measuring will be held at Ascot Park Racecourse until further notice. There is a fee charged for any ‘special measuring’ outside of the specified dates so please take note of these dates.

This year our preference is for everyone to pay via internet banking- our account details are as follows:
Southland A&P Association
03 1355 0303734 00

If you have lost your measuring certificate we cannot re-issue these at the stand- you must fill out this https://www.ras.org.nz/…/RAS-Certificate-Replacement-Form-2… form and send it to the RAS Head Office.

If you are not the owner of the horse but you are leasing it- please fill out this form and return to RAS Head Office https://www.ras.org.nz/…/uploads/2019/07/RAS-Lease-Form-201…

Lastly, please ensure that you are marked on the certificate as the registered owner- if you are not then you will need to fill out this form and return to Head Office. https://www.ras.org.nz/…/RAS-Horse-Pony-Change-of-Ownership…

Life Measure forms are easily obtained through either through Elenor Kyte 03) 2369948 or Tabitha Hazlett 0273852093- please note these are carbon copy forms so will need to be either posted out or picked up.